Ek Balam Rio Lagartos (Crocodiles River)



Ek Balam Fees

Seafood Barbecue at the Restaurant

An Alcoholic or a non Alcoholic Drink per Person Only at the Restaurant

Boat Tour Through The River

Mud Bath

Drinks on Board (Beer, Soda and Water)


Video Camera Permit is Not Included at the Archeological Site

Gratuities for the Tour Staff Are Not Included

Excuse me, if you don’t mind, we have a question for you: Where are you going to rinse off after this marvelous mud bath? If you allow us, we can answer for you: There really is no choice, you’ll have to share your shower (or bath) in the river with the crocodiles. But don’t worry, just take it easy, these crocodiles are completely harmless. In fact, this is the only species of crocodiles in the world that do not attack humans and for this reason, they have been the object of many studies performed by scientists. So, don’t worry about them. Just enjoy them!!!

Tour Overview

7:00 am to 7:30 am

Pick Up

Pick up is scheduled at this time to avoid extreme weather conditions as well as the crowds in Ek Balam.

9:15 am Aproximately

Arrival To Ek Balam

This time of arrival is the best choice. Apart from avoiding the crowds you will enjoy the weather. It is the calmest time to walk around and climb the Mayan Pyramids. Length of stay: 1 hour 20 minutes -40 minutes with your Tour Guide -40 minutes free time We will drive you northwards to Rio Lagartos within around 1 hour 50 minutes.

Around 12:30 pm.

Arrival To Rio Lagartos Restaurant

Lunch (a delicious seafood barbecue) and a drink (alcoholic or non alcoholic) are included. 50 minutes for lunch.

1 hour 20 minute boat tour through the river

Boat Tour Through The River

1 hour 20 minute boat tour through the river. You will see colorful exotic creatures part of the biosphere, where you’ll also enjoy a relaxing and unique panorama and a fascinating mud bath that will clear your mind, while relaxing and stimulating your muscles.


Brief History

Ek Balam was a very rich Mayan capital which was founded by E’ek Ba’alam which means Black Jaguar. Its buildings are gorgeous, a real work of art. Visiting Ek Balam is a must-see for any traveller.
It was founded around 300 B. C. The population was spread out in a 12 square kilometer area. However, the elite dwelled in a one square kilometer area that was considered a sacred place and is also where the main buildings were located. Its main buildings are:

1.- The Acropolis.- This is the 2nd biggest Maya building in the Yucatan peninsula. It was richly ornamented by stucco sculptures and affrescoes that represent the very essence of the Mayan world view. Its beauty is unique even among the Mayan works of art and will surely delight you. Inside the Acropolis there is a place known as Sak Xok Nahh which means the Reading White House that served as a royal grave for a governor called Ukit Kan Le’t Tok. The facade of this room is fully decorated by exquisite stucco sculptures.

2.- Oval Palace.- There are very few elliptical and cylindrical Mayan buildings in Yucatan and the Oval Palace is one of them. It is a snake that represents the spiral shape of the milky way according to some theories and also may have been an observatory. You can take very beautiful pictures from its top.

3.- Regarding the other buildings, they were probably used as astronomical clocks and observatories. Remember that the Mayan invested thousands and thousands of years, from generation to generation, watching, gazing and studying the sky (stars, planets, constellations, etc). That’s why Mayan astronomers, mathematicians and architects were able to build such highly precise ( or accurate) astronomical clocks which indicated to them the agricultural cycles, which was vital to preserving their way of life.
There are some stelas in this site that represent different governors of Ek Balam. These characters were considered well educated people and passed on their power from father to son to grandson, forming long dynasties.