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Chichen Itza Fees

Lunch (Traditional and International Food)

Ik-kil Sink-hole Water Admissions

Tour guide on board and at the archeological site

Drinks on Board (beer, soda and water)


No Video Camera Permit is Included at Chichen Itza

Life Vest Rental is Not Included in the Cenote

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It is a fascinating Tour where you’ll know and experience the Maya culture and its essence and be in contact with the exotic nature of the Yucatan península.
We recommend you our Chichen Itza Tour No Restaurant included because this way you'll have the opportunity to select a restaurant of your choice or one suggested by your Tour Guide.

Tour Overview

7:00 am to 7:30 am

Pick Up At Your Hotel

We do recommend this pick up scheduled because this way you will arrive to Chichen Itza at around 9:30 am when it is more calmed (avoiding the throngs and accessing to the archeological site fastly and easily) and the weather conditions are nicer. You will enjoy much more your stay at Chichen Itza.

9:30 Aproximately

Arrival To Chichen Itza

Lenght of stay 2 hours 30 minutes 1 hour 20 minutes with your Tour Guide and 1 hour 10 minutes free time. We’ll drive you from Chichen Itza to Ik-kil accomadations in around 10 minutes.

Around 12:10 pm

Arrival To Cenote And Restaurant Ik-Kil

Length of stay 2 hours. Your first activity at this place will be to swim in this beautiful open Sink-hole water. Swimming time 1 hour. Your table will be reserved in advance prior to your tour, however it is necessary to respect the time your reservation has been booked to, because Ik-kil restaurant provides services to a big number of groups of Tourists which are programmed right after your Schedule for lunch. Punctuality is important to avoid problems and misunderstandings regarding customer service.

Shopping time 30 minutes

Shopping Time 30 Minutes

*This is optional. It will be your decision if we stop in at any of the shopping centers on the way back to your hotel or not.

Visit of The Colonial Town Valladolid

Visit Of The Colonial Town Valladolid

This stop is included in your Tour and we do recommend it, however it will be your decision if we stop here or not. Lenght of stay 30 minutes *Once you’re in Valladolid, your Tour Guide will give you information on board about the place such as its history, architecture, traditions, economy, etc. Then you’ll be free to take some pictures, to taste a delicious Mexican ice cream in La Michoacana or make some shopping activities.

Around 5:30 pm

Back To Your Hotel



-You will arrive to Chichen Itza at around 9:30 am right when it is not crowded. This way you will get in faster and easier because your Tour Guide will avoid these terrible long lines that would make you overwait. What’s more you will avoid the masses of Tourist, enjoying a very calmed-silenced and relaxing environment in Chichen Itza. -Since your arrival will be at around 9:30 am, you will enjoy nice weather conditions. At this time it is not so warm and humid avoiding this way the afternoon extreme weather conditions. -Your Tour will be in your own language (English or Spanish) only.


Brief history and description of the site Chichen Itza was the most important sacred and religious center for the Mayan Itzaes in the Yucatan peninsula from approximately 900 A. D. to 1200 A. D. Its population was made up of high ranking priests or shamans, warriors and merchants, who belonged to the elite and according to some theories lived inside the city.
Farmers, hunters, and some other workers and their families might have lived in the surroundings. THE MOST IMPORTANT BUILDINGS AND ASTRONOMICAL TOOLS
1.- The Castle. Considered one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world, it worked and still works as an astronomical clock which calculates equinoxes and solstices (the 4 seasons of the year) using light and shadows reflected on its walls and facades. According to different archeologists and historians, this large temple was used as an observatory and a temple for human sacrifices.

2.- The Observatory or Snail. It is considered one of the most amazing astronomical tools designed by Mayan mathematicians, astronomers and architects. Through its western window this building determines the spring equinox and the maximum moon declination northwards. Through a line on the southwestern window, it sets the maximum moon declination towards the south with accurate precision.

3.- The Ball Court. It is the largest ball court of Mesoamerica (168 meters long, 70 meters wide) and one of the most important examples of the Itzaes’ architecture and sculptures. Its boundaries are made up by 2 monumental walls, which platforms are featured by having 2 bas-relief sculptures with a scene where the pre-columbian ritual of the ball game, related to human sacrifice is represented.

4.- The Warriors Temple and the 1000 column complex. Some scholars think that this was the place where the members of government organized their meetings and was also once a temple where they performed rituals.

*The Cenote of the sacrifices. People from all over the Mayan territory would come and pilgrimages were carried out by visiting this sink-hole and throwing different sorts of offerings into it. The sink-hole was excavated at the beginning of the 20th century and carved pieces of jade, golden jewelry, pottery, human bones and other types of objects were extracted. **All the information regarding Chichen Itza, its buildings and different places will be thoroughly explained by your Tour Guide who is certified by SECTUR (Mexican Tourism Department).